“Stalin Resurrected” by James Valvis

First time I see Joseph Stalin he’s at the pool. He’s wearing an old-fashioned one-piece swimsuit, still has his trademark mustache. He doesn’t stay long, dives in, plays ball with kids for a time, climbs out of the water, and leaves. Next time I see Joseph Stalin he’s in the grocery store, shopping. There’s nothing… Continue reading “Stalin Resurrected” by James Valvis


“It’s Just a Dream” by Justin Hamm

Neil Young wakes in the semidarkness, rises like the very sun itself, and places upon his head a dusty black fedora. He wraps his physical manifestation within a flannel shirt, as if wrapping it within a shroud of the Holy Spirit. He eats something organic and picks up the news and quickly puts down the… Continue reading “It’s Just a Dream” by Justin Hamm