Special Feature: F2020


“MAZES // OF // MY // MIND” by Monica Kim 🔊

“Dead End” by Margot Douaihy 🔊

“Origins” by Kindra McDonald 🔊

“Guru” by Peter Conners 🔊

“The Virus” by Greg Wilder

“2020 Reading List: Going To Be a Great Year” by Laine Derr


“Entries from The Pandemic Diaries” by Adrian S. Potter

“Rx for COVID-19 Grief Relief” by Christopher G. Jones 🔊

“I Just Need All the Skinned Knees Right Now” by Tiffany Grayson


“My Immune System Ignites a Forest Fire on my Face, aka A Pandemic Stress Pantoum” by Valerie Nies 🔊

“Third Wave” by Guillermo Filice Castro 🔊

“When the shit’s about to get real” by Juliana Gray 🔊

“Wreckage” by Danny Shot 🔊

“Beyond the Event Horizon” by Brenda Nicholas 🔊

“Echo, with Pandemic” by Jen Karetnick 🔊

“Zoom Meeting Etiquette” by Tom Daley

“Class of 2021” by Cheryl Aguirre

“Baking Challah on Grandma Tudi’s Yahrzeit” by Carly Sachs 🔊

“The Year That Burned” by Brett Petersen 🔊

“Screen Dump 504 The World Fills” by Tom Corrado 🔊

“Everyone Goes Outside Scared to Supermarkets” by Matthew Lippman

“F*ck You, Year of Covid” by Carol H. Jewell

“heavy spring” by Darren C. Demaree

“The Invitation from My Shower” by Tracey Knapp

“One Day at a Time” by Susan diRende 🔊

“Year in Review” by Daniel Romo 🔊

“2020 Confessions” by Kari W

“What Will Survive” by Tom C. Hunley


“‘Disconnected’: A Discussion with Young Queer Voices on the Social Impacts of COVID-19” by Jay Roundtree

The Editors

😷 This special feature was produced by the students in The College of Saint Rose’s Spring 2021 Online Journal Editing & Publishing Class

🔊 includes reading by the author

Image: “I Love Science. (And Dr. Fauci.) – Feburary 2021” by D Steenburg

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