Special Feature: Unicorns


Two Poems by Michael Chang
“Hope for Flint” by Tanasha Martin
Three Poems by Aaron Belz
“The Cloven Road” by Bruce Robinson
Six Poems by Linda M. Crate
“The Best Goodbye” by Kat Terban
Three Poems by Brian Chander Wiora
“The Archer” by Raymond Luczak
“The Rider” by Brandon Bagwell
“I Got a Problem With Shel Silverstein’s Unicorns” by Jamie-Sue L. Ferrell


Two Catalogue Work Pieces by Todd Colby
“Maiden and Unicorn” by Ann Marie Sekeres
“Unicorn Ring” by Tricia Marcella Cimera


“The Creator endowed the unicorn with a special purpose”: An interview with Alfonso Colasuonno


“Legendary” by Vivian Faith Prescott


“The Unicorn at the End of Time” by Ronald W. Pies

From the Editors

“Magical Thinking in The Time of Pandemic” by Tori Felter

🦄 This special feature was produced by the students in The College of Saint Rose’s Spring 2020 Online Journal Editing & Publishing Class: Maria Andrew, Danni Beltran, Gianni Carillo, Tierra Damico, Tori Felter, Liana Frauenberger, Brooke Gantt, Taylor Matlock, Lindsey McGowan, Marzia Syeda, Kylie Washington, Emily Wood, Sam Zimmerman, and Tyler Osbourne.

The class was taught by Daniel Nester, Pine Hills Review editor.

Image: “Maiden and Unicorn” by Ann Marie Sekeres

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