“The Best Goodbye” by Kat Terban

Kat Terban is an emerging writer and an AFAB gender-fluid, gray-aromantic, asexual person. Their work has been published in the Plum Tree Tavern, AZE Journal, Open Minds Quarterly, and Eunoia Review. They’re currently working on getting their first poetry chapbook, “20 – 30 FERAL PAGES // Flyover of the Oneironaut” through the editing process and published by a new, small-press run by Manchester Community College. Mx. Terban announces their work-in-progress poems, and publications on their Twitter @semiotic_pirate, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Mx. Terban, when not watching cheesy movies with friends, is a person who likes to play with their words and invite strange and fantastical creatures to solve cozy mysteries and drink tea. They live on top of a great hill, in a land of moss, clover, and roses, where songbirds greet them every morning and cats purr them to sleep every night.

Image: Unicorn from the Wellcome Collection

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