Dance of the Woes of the World Rose Day 1955

Pine Hills Review seeks submissions of previously unpublished fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. We are interested in quality work, no matter the genre, form, or style. Hybrid and experimental work is encouraged.

Our reading periods are September 1-April 30.

We encourage female and nonbinary writers and those outside a position of sociological privilege (i.e., non-white, differently abled, LGBTQIA+, etc) to submit their work.

General Guidelines

Poetry submissions should include no more than six poems total; please combine all poems into one document as a single submission. 

Nonfiction and fiction submissions should be no more than 3,000 words.

Hybrid or cross-genre work or visual work or excerpts from larger projects should be no more than 3,000 words. If there are visual elements or are sending visual work, attach as jpeg in your email or paste it into your Word file.

Specify “[genre name] submission [name]” for both email subject and name of the Word/.doc attachment. Submissions without this language will not be read.

A cover letter is nice but not necessary. Do include a third-person bio and tell us who you are and how we can reach you. 

Send work here:

We do run interviews with authors, usually around the time of a new book. If you would like to send along a review copy for interview consideration, send along a PDF or electronic copy to our email address, subject line “[Author name] interview submission.” You can also send to our mail address: Pine Hills Review ℅ English Department, The College of Saint Rose, 432 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203.

Submit in a single Word document, whether it’s one work or batch of pieces. Multiple submissions from the same author will not be considered and will be returned unread. 

We do read simultaneous submissions, but please tell us to withdraw your work immediately upon acceptance elsewhere. Please email us with the word “withdraw” as part of the subject line. 

We ask for first North American serial rights. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication. We publish new work on our front page on Wednesday afternoons at 4:20pm EST, and the work then lives on in our archives page. If an author’s work later appears in a collection or anthology, we ask that you include us in the acknowledgements because it’s the cool and professional thing to do.

Response time is usually 1-2 months, sometimes longer. Please let at least three months pass before checking on the status of your submission.

Image: “Dance of the Woes of the World Rose Day,  1955” from Albany Public Library History Collection