Students practicing archery 1967

Established in 2014, Pine Hills Review (ISSN 2470-8321) is the literary magazine of The College of Saint Rose. Named after the Pine Hills neighborhood in Albany, NY, Pine Hills Review publishes artful, honest, and compelling work of new and established writers, from fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to visual art, interviews, and experimental, cross-genre work. Our staff is composed of students and faculty at The College of Saint Rose.

Daniel Nester

Managing Editor
Sunny Leigh

Contributing Editor
Shawn Berman

Editors Emerita
Sarah Sherman, Jennifer Austin, Thomas Santelli, Amber O’Sullivan, Samson Dikeman, Alyssa Cohorn, Zelest Caraballo, Taylor Casey

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Image: “Students practicing archery, 1967” from Albany Public Library History Collection