“Regrets are Upside-Down Celebrations” by Jade Sylvan

Jason Howie Live with no regrets via Flickr

If you’d told me then we’d live to see thirty
I’d’ve taken a shot, and fucked the wrong person,
and eaten too much, and dropped out and crawled back,
and flown across the ocean, and covered my body with tattoos,
and slept on Faulkner’s grave, and posted my nude photos,
and tried cocaine exactly four times, and sold everything,
and let my brother’s best man finger me on Mom’s washer that Christmas,
and believed I was the world’s only true exception.

If you’d told me we’ve never had any responsibility at all
and that every day is a series of nanoscale willful yeses,
maybe I’d have kissed you then, and ruined our friendship
(Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life in the background),
or maybe I would have cleaned you up, rinsed the bathtub of vomit,
tucked you into the queen mattress on your splotched flophouse carpet,
driven home through Boston’s lunar November midnight,
and done everything exactly the same.


jadesylvan_1Jade Sylvan, called a “risqué queer icon” by The Boston Globe, is the author of Kissing Oscar Wilde (2013 Write Bloody Publishing), TEN(2013 Launch Over Publishing), and The Spark Singer (2009 Spuyten Duyvil Press). A genderqueer writer, producer, and performing artist based out of Cambridge, MA, Jade has been on the cover of The Boston Globe Arts Section, ScoutCambridge, and DigBoston. The author has toured throughout North America and Europe performing poetry, and has produced and performed in a number of acclaimed shows in the Greater Boston area, including, The Literary Roast, All You Need Is Myth, and Encyclopedia Show Somerville. In 2012, Jade cowrote and starred in the indie feature film, TEN, which is currently touring the film festival circuit. Publications include pieces in: The ToastBuzzFeedPANKDigBoston, Carve MagazineMudfishWord Riot, and many more. 

Photo: “Live With No Regrets by Jason Howie via Flickr