“Excavations: Six Essays” by Chelsea Biondolillo

Just Me

Laocoon’s Legacy

9:35 p.m. Friday


Lesson I

Eve, Adam, Eve

I consider the ‘Excavation’ collages to be ‘essays’ in that they function to solve narrative, design, or conceptual problems. This collection comprises attempts to answer questions I have about how the past pushes itself into the present and what we choose to show vs. hide of the selves we present to the world. The collages are made with found photos, maps, transparencies, and other paper ephemera, plus ink. They are all smaller than 5 by 7 inches.

Chelsea Biondolillo is the author of The Skinned Bird and two prose chapbooks, Ologies and #Lovesong. Her essays have been collected in Best American Science and Nature Writing, How We Talk to One Another: An Essay Daily Reader, and others. Her collages are made with a mix of found and made papers and have been shown in Washington and Oregon as part of the Pacific NW Collage Collective and anthologized in Transitional Moments by the Arizona Collage Collective & Kolaj Institute.  

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