“Coincidence” by Leonard Gontarek


Covering Prince is a rare pleasure
like putting a blanket over him
when he falls asleep on your sofa.
What more can a fool say about the love of music and evening.


I’m trying to lose myself, bury myself in music
and my band which keeps changing names,
DJ Crazy Mother Fucker, Leonard &
The Soul Suckers, Nice Knowing You, Elvis,
My Aunt Chrissie, Soldiers In God’s Army,
Leonard Gontarek & The Forensic Astronomers,
Smartphone Kickstand.


Think of covering yourself with a blanket, sitting down in dusk.

Think of returning to ennui and loosening and flying over and flying away.

Think of light as always on guard.

Nonetheless, we are ejected, one by one, through an exit at the back of the park, clutching books
of folk tales, into evening.

Think of death like a horror movie and strange coincidence.

Note the present tense.

Leonard Gontarek’s most recent book is He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs. His poems have appeared in The Best American Poetry, Joyful Noise! An Anthology of American Spiritual Poetry, The Working Poet, American Poetry Review, Fence, Field, Verse, Poet Lore, Spinning Jenny, and as a tattoo. He coordinates Peace/Works and hosts The Green Line Reading and Interview Series. He teaches poetry workshops at Musehouse and in the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership.

Image: Desert Moon Triptych by Daniel Nester

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