“20/20 vision” by Elizabeth Scanlon

Picture this, a day in December,
I am, Debbie, I am
and the trees all bare and money running low
and there’ll be blood on your lips
cause they crack in the wind and that is
just something you get used to when it’s cold
all the time and oh oh oh
we’re all getting older and there’s
no use in talking about who looks good
for their age because that is always a comment
full of shade anyway and I’d like it if
we could just stop commenting on everything
but I do it too, it’s what the pictures elicit
and then there are the threads and the trends,
get a pocket computer try to do what you used to do, yeah. 

Elizabeth Scanlon is the editor of The American Poetry Review. Her work has appeared in Boston Review, Ploughshares, Blackbird, Colorado Review, and Verse Daily.

Image: Falling Skyward by ©Chuck Miller

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