“76 TWONE MORE } THE 4th DUET CETERA” by Michael Peters

Peters_Michael_sparrow flight 76

[Directions: read slowly and softly in parenthetical whispers.]

( sparrow
kind velled
sums that ha
charred bler rings
and we more would be
i f
ev ur go
the narrow satire

that all sayso
der  m  all
to  h  own
oursensae.   )


Peters Michael Photo
“76 TWONE MORE } THE 4th DUET CETERA” by Michael Peters

Michael Peters is the author of Vast Bin (Calamari Press), as well as other assorted language art and sound works. As certain as he is uncertain of access to “the real,” Peters frequently probes this periphery in a variety of old and new media, utilizing sound-imaging strategies as something like a poet, a visual poet, a fictioneer, an essayist, an ecologist, a musician, and a programmer. He recently played the part of Bosse-de-Nage in Faustroll’s remake of Pierre Boulle’s Planet of the Apes.


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