“Another Ampersand Moment” by Ellen Noonan

I’m going to give
you a made-up history
that I believe
is somewhat true.

Proximity’s anatomy.
Anatomy’s anonymity.
Anonymity’s injury.
Injury’s scenery.
Scenery’s alchemy.
Alchemy’s drift.
Drift’s scatter.
Scatter’s devotion.
Devotion’s murmur.
Murmur’s suspension.
Suspension’s vestige.
Vestige’s table.
Table’s paragraph.
Paragraph’s fricative.
Fricative’s bagpipe.
Bagpipe’s dichotomy.
Dichotomy’s city.
City’s lantern.
Lantern’s arrow.
Arrow’s bloom.


Noonan Ellen PhotoEllen Noonan earned her MFA at Emerson College and is a lecturer in the English Department at Northeastern University. Her poems have been published in the University Reporter, SpectrumBeacon Street Review, and the Eunoia Review. She attended the inaugural session of the Ashbery Home School in August 2014, and looks forward to attending again in August 2015. She lives in West Roxbury, MA, with her husband, two daughters, and a rescue dog.

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