“Agitolalia” by Martha McCollough

No, unreliable narrator, no, no, no

there’s not a chance in hell I’d give you the mic

you sly thing

okay you can have it but I’m right here so watch it

story hour and what if I’m in this one: half hitler half cruella deville

must I go into hiding?

the best words get stupid
in the wrong hands

I was advised: put nothing in writing

I was advised: get ready for a sad life

and now just look:

handwriting of a drunken third-grader

or of several drunken third graders fighting for control of the pen

just your tricks I’m up to all your tricks

Martha McCollough is a video artist and writer who lives in Chelsea, MA. Her videopoems have been exhibited internationally, and have appeared in Triquarterly, Rattapallax, and El Aleph. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bird’s Thumb, Cream City Review, and Salamander.

Image: “Steer” by Matthew Klein

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