“I Have Tried to Track This” by Sierra Jacob

after Ana Prundaru‚Äôs photograph, Kamakura Beach in Japan

This is pulling out from a different coast     the tides cool a
slick back retreating     by now winds have settled     skin is
tight with heat and salt     by now light gleaning across surfaces
will start to find pattern     how quickly it scatters to multiply     you
will try to track it     I have tried to track this     tried
to reach out my hand and hold it all in place     I’d like to imagine

these deep rooted swells     that carried swift moving bodies all day     will
eventually     toss themselves on the North Shore     on the reefs of Ho`okipa     wash
up between drying sea turtles with laced white tumors     that
distances can be measured by the pathways of breakers     I’d like to
imagine I could sit with the throb of the sea     chant up the sun
but on open swept plains     thunderstorming of trains is the only
fury I can chart   here I can track fine ash over drought     dried
gold coaxing ground     I can track evening that does not fall into order
the     last sun will set alpineglow     and for a moment I can call it enough     I
can find sleet waves in the river     oil backed crows do it by hanging the prairie
on low sections of sky     on the coast     rain on pavement doesn’t raise up the

deep wet of the Pacific     it is the deep wet     along the
razored line of tide     dusk will be carried out     last of the sun
will fold to glassed undercurrent     boats will be moored     the
people will rise up from the shore     will free their belongings of sand
silent seep of returning back into     indentations evening out     I
imagine the shadows stop growing     but from here     I can’t see it.

Sierra Jacob is an M.F.A. candidate at the University of Montana, where she received the Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship for poetry. Her poetry has appeared and is forthcoming in Sonora Review, Yemassee, The Louisville Review, Compose, Cream City Review, Hawai`i Pacific Review, Pacifica Literary Review, Pretty Owl Poetry, among others. She was born and raised in Ha`iku, Hawai`i.

Image: Kamakura Beach in Japan from Wiki Commons

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