“Watching You Crumble” by Thom Francis

i’ve been sitting here
on the sidelines
watching you crumble

the once steady, solid wall
slowly chipping away
with every passing minute
with every word spoken
to you
about you
at you
near you
another piece of the facade falls
the outer surface long protecting
what’s inside, what makes you…you
coming apart

i can see your heart now
i can see that it is still beating
slowly, but still beating
but it’s still bleeding
for something that is never coming back
for someone who is never coming back

those moments that you used to talk about
those dreams that you shared
those far off ideas of being together forever

it’s gone
and you are left with nothing more
than your thoughts
and all those scabs to be picked off
the brick and mortar of your structure
is all you have left
and that is falling apart

the bones aren’t good anymore
the insulation has been depleted

there is a draft in the winter that you can’t escape

ThomĀ FrancisĀ is the president of Albany Poets. For 15 years, he has been organizing open mics and poetry/spoken word events in Albany, NY, such as Nitty Gritty Slam, School of Night, Albany Poets Presents, and the Albany Word Fest. He has been featured at many upstate events as a poet and performer.

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