Special Feature: Unicorns Editors

This special feature was produced by the students in The College of Saint Rose’s Spring 2020 Online Journal Editing & Publishing Class, taught by Daniel Nester. Here are our editors.

Maria Andrew is a junior at The College of Saint Rose. She is part of the inclusive early childhood education (IEC) program and is preparing to student teach in fall 2020. In addition to being a student, she is part of the Big Brother Big Sister program through the college and spends her time volunteering there.

Danni Beltran is a queer, Latinx poet, creative nonfiction writer and brujx from Troy, NY. They have work forthcoming in Ethel in July 2020.

Gianni Carillo is a talented soccer player who represents The College of Saint Rose. He has been involved with a number of highly reputable teams across the country. He played for the Red Bull’s Men’s Soccer Team, The USA men’s national team, Siena College, and ended here at Saint Rose.

Tierra Damico is a freshman at The College Of Saint Rose. She is majoring in Childhood Education (B-6), and is part of the swim and dive team. She comes from a long line of teachers, including but not limited to her dad as an art teacher. Because of her dad, she has a big appreciation for art.

Tori Felter (Senior Editor) is a senior at The College of Saint Rose. She is majoring in English and always had an interest in the publishing world. She is looking to make it a career after graduation. Over the years she has written a number of short stories and poems but looks forward to the day when she can help writers, like herself, put their work out into the world.

Liana Frauenberger is a Childhood and Special Education major with a concentration in English. Growing up, English was her favorite subject in school so, she’s happy that she has the opportunity to work on Pine Hills Review. She believes that this experience will provide her with a stronger English foundation, which will help her when she begins teaching students in the areas of writing and literacy. 

Originally from South Carolina, Brooke Gantt is an aspiring Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She moved to Albany, New York to attend college in hopes to practice her passion of psychology. She has a passion for writing as well. Some of her background includes writing leisurely as well as two years of Yearbook Club.

Taylor Matlock is a sophomore at The College of Saint Rose. She is dual majoring in Special Education and Childhood Education with a concentration in Spanish. She was on the principal’s list all throughout high school and has received multiple awards for playing softball.

Lindsey McGowan is a writer and soon-to-be graduate of The College of Saint Rose who was born in Albany, NY. She is studying English Adolescent Education and likes to both read and write poetry in her free time. She is currently unpublished in the online literary journal sphere, but enjoys working and communicating in the editing world.

Marzia Syeda is a senior studying English and Writing at The College of Saint Rose. She currently interns at The Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany. She enjoys listening to spoken word poetry and loves to paint Bob Ross–inspired paintings. 

Kylie Washington is a freshman at The College of Saint Rose. She enjoys experiencing new things, finding ways to live a lifestyle to remember, and writing about things she feels matter most. Kylie is currently writing her first personal book that she hopes someday to share with the world.

Emily Wood is a junior at The College of Saint Rose. She is majoring in Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education with a concentration in English. Emily really enjoys reading other people’s works as a way to connect to people.

Sam Zimmerman is an aspiring writer and a junior at The College of Saint Rose. She is the current president of the English Club at the college, where she spreads her love for the English language. She reads anything she can get her hands on, even the boring stuff, and in her free time she writes poetry, and starts to write novels she never finishes.

Tyler Osbourne

Image: Sidney Waugh Unicorn art work photographed by Peter A Juley Son

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