“Hope for Flint” by Tanasha Martin

Little voices die
surrounded by fresh water.
Let unicorns rise.

Tanasha L. Martin now resides in Illinois, but was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Her published works include The Writing Journey’s Reasons for Hope, Human: An Exploration of What it Means, and Near Myths. These include short stories, flash fiction, and narrative poetry pieces in the areas of speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy, with themes based on the possible outcomes of current events. Additional works and works in progress can be found on her website

On “Hope for Flint,” Martin writes: This piece is a commentary on current events: the continuing issue of drinkable water in Flint, Michigan.  In one sense, it focuses on the irony of the children, most affected by the tainted water, dying from it in a state surrounded by fresh water. It bases the hope on unicorns, who’s horns not only possess the ability to purify unclean water, but also in that only virgins can catch them and thereby solve the problem. Unfortunately, since Michigan’s politicians aren’t pure, others who are will need to rise to find a solution for those who can’t speak or fight for themselves. The only real hope for them is outside of the political system: the simplicity of getting back to caring for nature and people. The “rise” has a double purpose in that we are to rise to the challenge, but also to counter “die”: that we can save more lives now that we are aware of the problem.

Image: “All That’s Left at Hannaford” by Matthew Klein

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