“The Tunnel” by Steve Mueske and Kevin Solie

There is a way there from here,
but it has long fallen into disuse.

We call the light tomorrow
and imagine our best selves there,

moving in the shapeless white
of the first day. (Having already

forgotten, perhaps for the best,
the selves left behind, the ones

who built the tunnel into ever after,
and have been waiting ever since,

for word.)

Steve Mueske (poem) is an electronic musician and the author of a chapbook and two books of poetry. His poems have appeared recently in The Iowa Review, Water~Stone Review, Cream City Review, Cold Mountain Review, The Pinch Journal, The Normal School, Jet Fuel Review, and elsewhere.

Kevin Solie (image) is a 30-year veteran of the software engineering industry. Having contributed to a wide range of software applications, Kevin finds digital imaging the most rewarding. When not coding, he pursues his obsession with black and white photography. His work can be found on Instagram @kevinsolie.

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