“F*ck You, Year of Covid” by Carol H. Jewell

Fuck you, year of Covid,
year Tom Brady left New England,
year of working from home,
year of learning from home.

The year that Tom Brady left New England was,
coincidentally, the year Heidi died, from Covid,
the year all the children learned via remote,
the year all the teachers lost their minds.

The year that Brady left Boston,
and took Gronkowski with him.
All the teachers lost their minds,
and parents did, too.

Gronkowski soon went after Brady, as if to say
“To Hell with New England fans.”
Parents and teachers lost their minds.
siblings fought with each other.

To Hell with New England fans in the
year of working from home.
Siblings fought with each other…
Fuck you, year of Covid.

Carol H. Jewell has worked at The University at Albany since 1985. She has done database maintenance and presently does cataloging in the University Libraries, although for the last year she has been working from home. She holds two graduate degrees from UA: an MLS and an MSEd. She also holds an M.F.A. from The College of Saint Rose. Jewell has had poems and articles published in many online and in-print journals and on websites, and her first collection of poems, Hits and Missives, was published by Clare Songbirds Publishing House (Auburn, NY) in 2017.

Image: “The Lovers” by Sasha Van Cott

Special Feature: F2020

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