“Third Wave” by Guillermo Filice Castro

Reading by the author

Everything’s changed. Everything’s the same.
No-one sleeps in the sky or anywhere else.
In and out of warped
Dreams, robots in monk robes.
Is naming something possessing?
To sing is to breathe. To breathe is an urgent matter.
Lungs as a map of the world, open.
Legs under a blanket. Head
Light as birdsong.

Legs under a blanket. Head,
Lungs as a map of the world, open.
Sing to breathe. Breathe as an urgent matter.
Is naming possessing something,
Dreams, robots in monk robes?
In and out of warp
No-one sleeps in the sky or anywhere else.
Everything’s the same. Everything is changed.

Guillermo Filice Castro is a queer photographer and poet. He is the author of the chapbooks Mixtape for a War (Seven Kitchens Press) and Agua, Fuego (Finishing Line Press). His work appears or is forthcoming in Allium, Molly House, Impossible Archetype, Brooklyn Rail, The Normal School, Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, Fugue, and many more. He is also the recipient of an E-S-B fellowship from the Poetry Project in New York City. Born and raised in Argentina, he now resides in New Jersey with his partner and two cats.

Image: “Fables of the Reconstruction” by Nicole Monroe

Special Feature: F2020

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