“2020 Confessions” by Kari W

These are thoughts that I had prior to 2021

These are the thoughts this photo reminded me of

This face mask is itchy and I don’t wanna wear it

I’m gonna have to remember to not lick my lips when I take it off

Fuck! They can’t hear me because of this stupid face covering!

I just want to order a number 3 but it’s not clear, not even to me

The train is pretty quiet with all the people gone but I didn’t realize how many people didn’t have a home for quarantine

Why spend money feeding an addiction when you could feed your belly

Should I even judge those people I mean it’s not like I made smart spending choices myself

I bought like 20 pairs of shoes in this year alone

That’s funny

I bought 20 pairs of shoes in 2020

My grandmother had COVID

I should call her

But it’s not like she’d be able to pick up the phone

I should still call her

Damn it, underground

I should try to focus more on what I wanna do with my life

I’m about to graduate college

Sucks I probably won’t get a ceremony because of the pandemic

Oh well, I can just get drunk with family

Do something wild and crazy

Have I done anything spontaneous lately?

Life should come with a sticker that says “Warning: Results May Vary”

It would make sense with all this melancholy

I wonder if I’m more attractive with this face mask on

Can’t really see my whole face

It is pretty distracting

People protested here a few weeks ago

My people wanted to change this world

Change it for the better

They got beat up for it

I wonder what would’ve happened if those protesters weren’t black

Would they have used tear gas? Or would they have marched with them?

These are all interesting questions to ask no one

Well, it’s not like it can get much worse

Happy new year

Let’s tiptoe into 2021

Play it safe

We only got a couple more hours left

And honestly, I think the world is ready to pause

And take a rest

Kari W was born and raised in NYC with a passion for telling stories and armed with a camera. Their favorite book is The Circle by Dave Eggers and their favorite food is all of it. 

Image: “See Yourself in the Healthy Life You Want” by Kari W

Special Feature: F2020

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