“Pocked” by Cheryl Aguirre

I like my freckles they’re like people on a beach zoomed out far away drone view ready to burst into flame they’re pretty and they’re all across my nose and cheeks and forehead and so are my pimples but I don’t like them as much because they’ve pitted and scarred my face I’m moon faced now get it I’m pock marked and there are these little indentations on the skin like someone dug a trowel to plant some flowers and forgot to pat the mounds over when he finished but he sure did water them they’re so slick I feel so greasy all the time but it’s ok because my girlfriend kisses my cheeks when I cry anyways and she does it with the utmost sincerity, it’s like she can’t even tell what she’s kissing it’s like I’m not there.

Cheryl Aguirre is a queer biracial poet based in Austin, Texas. You can find their previously published work in Ghost City Press, decomp, and the whorticulturalist. You can follow them at @drowsy_orchid on Instagram and @Wheat_Mistress on Twitter. 

Image: “42” by Danniella Louise

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