“I’m not lazy I just don’t want to work anymore” by Kelly Mullins

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I’m sick of pointing to the system // looking backwards // instead of at the small specific group of stealers // stonks // action would be nice from men but // the least I expect from them // is acknowledgment and apologies // their participation // in the labor force peaked in 1954 // on that day // David won the big bucks big time // and Jack got the jackpot // they called them // “The Redneck Rich”  // all fireworks and swimming pools and Bud Lights // but don’t forget your roots, Nebraska // no more split levels // “neighbors” // if it’s not in human nature // then why does the research predict // that the AI will outperform // driving trucks in 6 years // working retail in 10 // writing books // but not poetry // in 28 // and surgery in 32 // if the lotto king still volunteers //  to fight fires // in the shrinking middle // can you be rich and work hard? // can you work hard and be rich? // a one-time wealth tax // finance people pretty much argued // that moving money is a human right // and that anyone with private wealth // should distrust the state // of things // the nouveau riche // have no gold leaf // only granite countertops // marble columns // and offshore shadow entities // their assets earn them interest // when sneakers and tees are > haute couture // remain grounded coffee // at the gas station // and talk about  every morning // how to change the world with Ray // there’s that new study that money // does buy happiness what a hoax // carbon coins // Erica could afford to hire a caterer // but in this house // cooking the books is a family affair // financial transparency // for the family // capital gained // for the family // but poor people tip more // their pool is a public water park // living their life’s style with everyone // plumbers, electricians, food servers, car mechanics // Biden’s bust of Cesar Chavez // a twelve-person conga ride down the water slide // the activists cheer for the Indian farmers on instagram // but only work with the white collars // in their own country // in their apolitical extinction rebellion // a theory of power flawed // to live does not equal to work // but Charlie equals your dad // and your dad equals work // and your dad’s work equals Raytheon // and Raytheon equals bombs // so everything you’ve got came from bombs // so you  = the $750 billion defense budget // but h0w wIlL you p@y for iT? // chokepointing commodity circulation // high-stakes // hard-fought // for one dollar in Hunts Point // it’s hilarious // that AOC showed up there // in lieu of the inauguration // there hasn’t been a photo // of Germany’s richest family for decades // the Reimanns want to protect themselves // from envy  // from “the crazies” really // but if they truly believed in meritocracy // then they’d abolish all inheritance // the stock market = astrology // for straight men // on Reddit // they just need a just transition just 10 % // drive half of the emissions // if we ate them // we could move from // an economy of consumption // to one of creativity // babe // CEO’s don’t need to see ID // we just need to see // that they made 20x more than you and me // in 1965 // 59x more in the nineties // and somethinglike 312x more today // jezus I’ve been busy thinking about boys // and a  worldwide general strike // the street’s the place to go // let’s make it  rain men // hallelujah // amen //

Kelly Mullins is an American writer, workplace organizer, and climate activist living in Amsterdam. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Anti-Heroin Chic, Aurora: The Allegory Ridge Poetry Anthology, Hash Journal, Maudlin House, and In Parentheses.

Image: “Five Processes” by Andy Fogle

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