Two Poems by Shane Allison

Here’s the Thing

I love you most when you’re slipping soup

When the juice from the chicken soup

Leaks like a leak from the bottom of the spoon

When the spoon is filled to the rim

With chicken soap juice & you are sipping

Sipped chicken juice from the spooned chicken soup

& the noodles make a big splash in the pool bowl

In your pool bowl of soup, chicken soup

Chicken souped juices sipped from your chicken soup spoon

From your chicken soup pool bowl

That has a spoon like a pickle

You are the bestest

The most dreamiest

The most marvelousiest

When you eat pickle

There is nothing more superb

Than a pickle-eating man

Eating pickle-eating pickles

I am such the pickle for a pickle-eating marvelous man

For chicken soup sipping sipness

A pickle juice punk

That is what I am

A pickle juice punk for your fingers pickle juice-stained with pickle juice

Chicken juice soupiness

Chicken juice sipness sipping pickle juice pinkness

Can’t decide between you

Can’t decide between the two

Chicken soup juices or pickle juice juices

You sipping chicken soup soupiness soup

From pickle juice juiciness juices

I am as sharp as a noodle

My thoughts run down the pickle train train tracks of pickles

Join me

Join in

Join in me for chicken noodled noodles

For pickled pickles pickened

Happy Valentine’s Day Chris

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chris!
I hope you like my gift.
Took me forever
To find something I thought you
Might like. I went to several stores
But nothing perfect

For such an occasion until I saw the perfect
Red Sox cap. It’s black leather, Chris
With the word Sox embroidered around it. I got it from that store
You were telling me about. I told the sales guy it was a gift
For a friend, that I don’t wear caps. You
Told me about this cap once before. It took them forever

To find your size. I want to have Shane and Chris Forever
Sewn into it. That would be perfect,
But I don’t think you
Would care for that, Chris.
I went to Dillard’s to see about getting it gift
Wrapped, but they only do it for merchandise bought out of their store.

I went to this one store
That sells nothing but urban fashion. It was G-Unit forever
In that place. Some of the clothes were pretty pricey. They do gift
Wrap. I saw a shirt that you would look perfect
In. I can’t wait to see the look on your face, Chris
When I give you this Red Sox cap. You

Are going to look so good in it. You
Know that I think you look good in everything. That store
G-Unit has a few outfits I think you might like, Chris.
If Ciara asks, tell her that you found the Red Sox hat. It took me forever
To get back across town from the mall. Is there a perfect
Time that we can get together so I can give you your gift?  

I saw you out with Ciara last night wearing the last gift
I bought. I have to say that you
Looked perfect.
They told me at the store
That they were expecting to get more baseballs caps in next week. I’m forever
Looking for something I think you might like, Chris.

Chris, I can’t help myself. You know that I like giving you gifts.
I buy the best from these stores cuz I want you to look perfect
When you go out.

Shane Allison was bit by the writing bug at the age of fourteen. He spent a majority of his high school life shying away in the library behind desk cubicles writing bad love poems about boys he had crushes on including one substitute teacher. He has since gone on to publish seven chapbook collections with titles like Ceiling of MirrorsI Want to Fuck a Redneck, Cock and Balls, I Want to Eat Chinese Food Off Your Ass, Remembered Men and Black Fag. His two notable collections include I Remember (Future Tense Books,) and Slut Machine (Queer Mojo Press). Shane’s poems and short stories have graced the pages of online joints, and a plethora of anthologies. He has edited over a dozen erotic anthologies. His longer stories have been published by JMS Books and Resplendence. His first novel, You’re The One I Want, is out from Strebor Books, as well as his sophomore novel, Harm Done. His new collection, Live Nude Guys, is out from Gimmick Press.  

Image: “148” by Danni Louise

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