“Aftershocks” by Joseph Chaney

Reading by the author

One work of art that follows another
strikes sometimes like an aftershock set loose
by the first where the plates slip along faults
in your mind. Smaller or larger tremors
follow, and although you tell yourself this 
is creation, you see the temple walls 
clawed down. Stones cascade from spires. Chasms 
that spread through roads keep you from going 
home. You’re forced to wander the forest tracks, 
climbing the ridgebacks, surviving on luck,
not knowing where the catastrophe ends,
what hill-town you’ll settle in, given time,
O refugee, broken by what you’ve loved,
shattered by forces miles beneath the ground.

Joseph Chaney’s poetry has appeared in The NationPrairie SchoonerCrazyhorseBlack Warrior ReviewDogwoodSpillway, and other print journals. You can access his poems online at Apple Valley ReviewSouth Florida Poetry JournalOff the CoastValparaiso Poetry ReviewThe Ekphrastic Review, and The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. He teaches literature and writing at Indiana University South Bend, where he is director of Wolfson Press.

Image: “Smurfette Eye Contact” by Daniel Nester

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