“a little help” by Susan Barry-Schulz

How old is Buck Showalter how long can you
keep a package of ground turkey in the freezer
before it goes bad how long does it take to drive
from New York to Charleston SC what is Athena
the goddess of can dogs eat clementines how old
is Jonny Depp how many more minutes are left
on my timer what is the next reminder what time
is sunset tonight what time is the Mets’ game tonight
who is the best dog in the whole wide world can you
substitute onion powder for onion salt what is the wind
chill Alexa am I doing any of this right who wrote songs
in the key of life what is the notification what time is it
right now in London set a timer for one minute how old
is Demi Moore & what is the cost of living?

Susan Barry-Schulz is a first-generation Estonian-American who grew up just outside of Buffalo, NY. Her poetry has appeared in New Verse News, SWWIM, Barrelhouse online, Nightingale & Sparrow, Shooter Literary Magazine, Kissing Dynamite, The Wild Word, Bending Genres, Feral, Quartet, Wordgathering, Gyroscope Review, Harpy Hybrid Review, and elsewhere.

Image: “aaaaaah.jpg” by Bill Cawley

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