“Mommy Poem” by Anna B. Sutton

Oh no not another oh no not like that eyes roll like they’re looking for god eyes roll like horses blinders on looking for god but I moved a camel through the needle’s eye I’m so sorry I want to talk about that I’m so sorry my body rearranged itself like a tree growing around a sign that was nailed thoughtlessly into the bark I’m so sorry I am a metaphor for everything on earth not another not so sentimental not so soft not so split open and heavy snorting like a horse looking for god running toward home like a horse I am fragile and thunderous when I split open I saw it the primordial atom rushing outward between my legs the way I don’t have language to describe how empty I felt in that moment after how empty before the room filled with sweet afterbirth and my daughter took her first wet breath.

Anna B. Sutton (she/her) is a poet and clinical mental health counselor. Her debut collection, Savage Flower, won the 2019 St. Lawrence Book Award and was published by Black Lawrence Press. Individual pieces have appeared in Indiana Review, Third Coast, Copper Nickel, Booth, Los Angeles Review, and other journals. She received her M.F.A. from University of North Carolina Wilmington and a James Merrill fellowship from Vermont Studio Center. She was a co-founder of the Porch Writers’ Collective and has worked for numerous literary organizations, including Humanities Tennessee, Lookout Books, and Blair Publisher.

Image: Stamens Etc. by Nicole Monroe

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